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Angola: Sonils May Support Mozambican Base of Pemba

Sonangol Integrated Logistic Services (Sonils) working experience can serve as a support for the successful implementation of Logistics Base of Pemba, Mozambique, whose construction is under way.

According to the president of Mozambique, Filipe Nyusi, who visited Tuesday the Sonils, the purpose of visit to Sonangol’s logistics base is to collect experiences.

Regarding a possible partnership with Sonangol, Carlos Mesquita, who is part of the visiting delegation, it was done a joint work two years ago, with the National Hydrocarbon Company of Mozambique which resulted in the preparation of the Development Master Plan of logistical bases of Pemba and Palma.

On the other hand, it was said that in these terms are being implemented practical aspects for the construction of two logistic bases (Pemba and Palma).

Sonangol Integrated Logistic Base Services in Luanda is an infrastructure with two million square meters and hosts crude oil companies and services delivery firms.

Source: AllAfrica

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