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Mozambique utility warns of power cuts

Mozambique’s state-run power utility Electricidade de Mocambique (EDM) has warned of impending power cuts in the central cities of Beira in Sofala province and Chimoio in Manica due to obsolete equipment. Much of the electricity consumed in these two provinces comes from EDM’s power stations at the Chicamba and Mavuzi dams on Revue River, which were constructed before the country’s independence in 1975.

EDM said rehabilitation of the Chicamba and Mavuzi power stations began in January 2014 and completion is scheduled for October 2016.

The company said in a statement that replacing obsolete equipment with modern ones “will allow an increase in operational safety, and in the capacity to generate electricity.”

EDM promised a better quality of energy in Sofala and Manica once the rehabilitation is complete.

According to EDM, the “complexity and sensitivity” of the current stage of the work mean that both power stations will be switched off from 11 January to 7 March.

This simultaneous shutdown “could lead to constraints in the supply of electricity”, which in turn would lead to “a plan of restrictions at peak times” – in other words, there are likely to be rolling power cuts in the two provinces.

To minimize these difficulties, EDM said it had brought into operation a gas turbine in Beira “which has been contributing to stabilizing voltage during peak periods.”

The EDM release also urged the company’s clients “to use electricity rationally”, particularly in the evenings.

Source: StarAfrica

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