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Mozambique expects 6.5 percent growth in agricultural production in 2016/17

Mozambique’s Agriculture Ministry says the country’s agricultural output this year is expected to register growth of 6.5 percent, a slight increase of 60 basis points from the rate of 5.9 percent expected for 2015, according to official data.A ministry document also indicates that the 2016/2017 campaign would see an increase of 13.4 percent in the grain harvest, which is expected to reach 2.8 million tons, including 2.1 million tons of maize and 450,000 tons of rice.

Legumes, with a forecast of 730,000 tons, are expected to increase by 11.5 percent, while the roots and tubers will see an increase of 12.4 percent, reaching 11 million tons.

Vegetable production is expected to rise by 9.1 percent, with estimated production of 1.8 million tons.

These production levels will be achieved by increasing the area under cultivation, agricultural mechanisation, use of animal traction, improved seeds and use of fertilisers and pesticides in combination with new technologies that will contribute to increased yields and agricultural production.

Source: StarAfrica

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