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Tax authorities abort illegal export of cashew nuts in northern Mozambique

Mozambican tax authorities in northern Nampula province frustrated the export of 38 containers with 589 tons of unprocessed cashew nuts heading to India, tax authorities announced on Wednesday in Nampula province.

According to Vicente Marcos from the tax authorities, the owner of the commodity falsely declared that his containers had beans, a product that benefits from an exemption of tax during export.

“The commodity is evaluated at 892,650 U.S. dollars (at the current exchange rate) and the tax that should be paid to the government are at 160,677 U.S. dollars. We regret that a national citizen is involved in tax evasion,” said Vicente.

Nampula province is the major cashew nuts producer in Mozambique and it is the one where the majority of the country’s processing companies are located.

To add value to the cashew nuts produced in Mozambique, the government decreed that it should be exported after processed, also one of the ways to generate jobs internally through cashew nuts production chain.

Mozambique is currently the 4th major cashew nuts producer in Africa and the 7th major producer in the world. Enditem

Source: News Ghana


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