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Malawi, Mozambique on stocktaking

Officials from Malawi and Mozambique are expected to meet this week in Tete to discuss issues of trade and investment.

The meeting will being held in the spirit of the Bilateral Trade Agreement which was signed in December, 2005 negotiated under the broader structure of the Joint Permanent Commission of Cooperation (JPCC).

Mwanamvekha: Developments of this sort are welcome
Mwanamvekha: Developments of this sort are welcome

According to a statement by the ministry of industry trade, the meeting provides an opportunity for Malawi and Mozambique to take stock of and discuss trade facilitation matters, transit issues, customs cooperation, transport and logistics, speedy elimination of non-tariff barriers, cross-border trade and investment.

The two countries will also discuss issues of One Stop Border Posts, the possibility of rolling out a simplified Trade Regime (STR) between them and cooperation on trade promotion and standards among other issues.

The Minister of Industry and Trade Joseph Mwanamvekha, and his counterpart Ernesto Max Tonela, Minister of Industry and Trade of Mozambique, will lead their respective delegations to the meeting scheduled for Friday 4th March, 2016.

Their meeting will be preceded by a senior officials meeting from the two countries on 3rd March, 2016.

According to government, the Malawi officials have travelled to Tete, Mozambique using a bus as part of the austerity measures and financial prudence the administration is following.

Mwanamvekha is also expected to take advantage of his presence in Tete, to symbolically open the Tete Market Linkages Office through which Malawi will be promoting its valued-added products into the regional markets.

Source: Malawi24


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