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Mozambique, Malawi eye one-stop border posts

Mozambique and Malawi have announced plans to establish one-stop centres at four border crossings in Tete and Niassa provinces as part of a strategy to facilitate the movement of people and goods, state radio reported Saturday. According to Radio Mozambique, the one-stop border posts would be established at the Chiponda-Mandimba and Mchinji-Mwami borders in the northern province of Niassa as well as Mwanza-Zóbuè and Dedza-Calómuè borders in the western Tete province.

Minister of Industry and Trade, Max Tonela
Minister of Industry and Trade, Max Tonela

The creation of one-stop border posts is aimed at removing trade barriers and simplify and standardize the informal trade between the peoples of both countries.

For the realization of the intention of the two countries, the ministers of Industry and Trade of Mozambique and Malawi, Max Tonela and Joseph Mwananveka respectively, met last week to formalise the implementation of the bilateral agreement.

Source: StarAfrica


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