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Mozambique eyes USD700M to build dam to minimize drought

The Mozambican government is seeking 700 million U.S. dollars to build a dam in Mapai of southern Gaza province, an effort that could help minimize the effects of months-long drought.

National Director for Planning and International Cooperation of the Agriculture Ministry, Raimundo Matule, said in Maputo on Monday that the dam has potential to provide irrigation to over 150,000 hectares of productive area, and that it would also be used for generation of power.

He also said the project will also protect the cities of Chokwe and the provincial capital, Xai-Xai city, from floods.

“This is our perspective, and we are working with the government looking for finance for the Mapai dam,” he added.

Gaza province is among the regions hit hard by the drought, affecting more than 200,000 people and over 4,000 heads of cattle.

More than 10,000 hectares of planted areas are also regarded lost, and this will affect the production targets the authorities had predicted for the current season from the 6.6 percent to 5.5 percent.

One of the government’s plans is to build more dams for irrigation agriculture to fight hunger.

Source: ShanghaiDaily

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