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Mozambique to build $500m dam to contain drought, produce energy

The Mozambican authorities say work is expected to kick off in May to build a US$500-million dam to supply many parts of the southern Mozambican province of Maputo with water and energy.

Construction of the Moamba Major Dam over the Incomati River will last three years to complete and it will be carried out by a consortium led by Brazilian multinational, AG – Andrade Gutierrez.

This, the authorities say, will be erected in Moamba district of Maputo province and it will offer many benefits to Mozambique, including creation of 2,000 jobs.

Project director Elias Paulo says the endeavour includes a US$48 million resettlement programme of 1,600 people of the administrative posts of Sabie and Ressano Garcia, on the border with South Africa.

He says the construction of the 4.5 kilometre-long dam should be finished by 2019. In addition to the dam, Paulo says the project includes the building of two health posts, five schools and treatment and supply centres of drinking water and irrigation systems.

“We expect to have all the quotas and levels of the dam defined in 60 days. The construction should be complete by 2018 to allow us to carry out laboratory experiments and fill up the dam with water. By this period the area upstream the dam must be free and clean. Also, by 2018, all local people should have been placed in their definitive resettlement centre,” he said.

Source: StarAfrica

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