Angola net international reserves estimated at USD 24 billion

Net international reserves of Angola are estimated at 24 billion US dollars, accounting for eight months of importing, said Monday, in Luanda, the governor of the National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA), Walter Silva.

According to the governor, who was speaking at the meeting to national entrepreneurs, it is necessary that national entrepreneurs create strategies for international reserves to grow in average time in order to help the national economic growth.

The official said that the Central Bank will create a good financial environment that will require sacrifices in the management of foreign exchange and invest in services for the welfare of the people as medicines, food and others.

On the other hand, Walter da Silva has announced that BNA is creating rules that will go through the corporate identity in order to give a new operation to the domestic financial sector and implement the national market a credible monetary system.


For the top manager of BNA, these measures can ensure some instability to the country, “but we believe it will be beneficial in the future.”

The governor said that this time the central bank needs to have a credible business entity in order to also be a credible agent for the state and thus work for the growth of the national economy.

Source: Portal ANGOP