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Angola: Investment protection accords contribute to security for investors

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Agency for Investment Promotion and Exports of Angola (APIEX), António Henriques da Silva, said on Tuesday in Luanda that the reciprocal protection investment agreements contribute to greater security to investors and improves the business environment.

Henriques da Silva was speaking to the press at the end of a meeting of the technical group for the promotion and protection of investment and reduction of the double taxation, chaired by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Georges Rebelo Chikoti.

He said that mutual investments protection and the reduction of double taxation provides more security to those who want to participate in the country’s development process.

Angola, with these instruments, will provide, institutionally, a more favourable environment for private investment, he said.

To António Henriques da Silva, it is important to improve the cooperation mechanisms, always looking to the strategic interests of the country.

The technical group to which it belongs was created through a presidential order last year, in order to coordinate and develop the processes on the promotion and protection of investments and avoidance of double taxation of income from other States in the field of economic cooperation.

The commission comprises ministers of Foreign Affairs (coordinator), Finance, Economy and Trade.

Governor of national reserve bank (BNA) and representatives from External Commerce-related institutions also integrate the commission.

Source: Angop


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