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Malawi holds enormous bounty of rare earths

The land is blessed with treasures lying underneath while the owners step on the soils not knowing their feet walk on minerals that can help transform their country.

According to information sourced from The Financial Times blog beyondbrics, Malawi appears to have a bounty minerals underneath.

Canadian company Mkango Resources chief executive Will Dawes, believes the country could become Africa’s largest rare earths producer.

“There are at least five potential rare earth mines in Malawi, of which Mkango’s Songwe Hill project is the most advanced. Malawi ticks the boxes in terms of resource potential, a stable political environment, infrastructure and government support,” says Dawes.

Mkango Resources' Dawes upbeat on the potential of its Malawi rare earths project
Mkango Resources’ Dawes upbeat on the potential of its Malawi rare earths project

Dawes further called on government to consider developing mining sector in the country as one way of weaning the country from donor aid dependence.

Among countries that have attracted foreign mining investors include Mozambique, Tanzania and Namibia.

For the past two years, a total of $829 million has been raised to explore Africa for metals and minerals.

In Malawi the project was called ‘Kauniuni’ where aeroplanes were seen flying over the country searching for minerals.

Source: Malawi24


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  1. Malawi is rich but owned by poor educated savages who claim to be wise but in actual senses they are fools and stubborn on things which dont bring development.
    Take me right here as I refer our fat stomach foxes that enjoy being in the posts starting from the day sleeping presentso except the Two great ones viz; Bingu and Kamuzu.
    Our economy will never change unless all current powers are upside, adopting a new style of governance notably FEDERAL SYSTEMS.
    The act of matchona (exiles) ruling our country has brought more hart than good, what I am saying is people like Peter MMutharika are not worthy to be presidentso since they have no visions and are no thing but expired healing drugs which when you take its nothing but poison.

    Saluting atwhites in everyeverything it’s a total sign of inconfident.
    Whow can a country live the whole fuckin 52yrs in begging? Malawians we won’t work up unlesbullets pass between ourselves cos peaceful talks are being disturbed by scons from the ruling get powers. Why do the fucking ruling powers say no to Federalism? I got the damn answer….they don’t want Malawi to develop but there families only which we are now tired of.

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