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Angola: Energy and Water sector might spend USD 29 billion until 2025

This information was given last Monday by the minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, at a press conference, in Luanda, on the projects that this department has in stock and in implementation.

The government also said that it is fundamental to see major investment from the private sector in the energy and water domain, since the country’s current economic situation of deficit caused a slowdown in the execution of publicly-sponsored projects in this area.

He went on to stress that in face of the “colossal” amount of investments that need to be made it is necessary to count on investments from the private sector for the area of power production, management and distribution.

Capanda hydroelectric dam, in Malanje Province
Capanda hydroelectric dam, in Malanje Province

The minister – who was sided by the secretary of the President of the Republic for Institutional Communication and Press Matters, Manuel Rabelais – explained that the projects in question need to be prioritised, reason why they have been getting special attention from the authorities.

He also revealed that the new power supply plan is set to produce five thousand megawatts of power to cater for the needs of the country.

The minister also revealed that the Capanda hydroelectric dam, in Malanje Province, will double its power production, whereas the Laúca dam, also in Malanje, is to produce 267 megawatts of electricity, as soon as the construction of this infrastructure is finished.

On the other hand, he said, the Caculo-Cabaça dam, which is still being defined, is being projected to produce about 2,100 megawatts of power.

João Baptista Borges informed also that the electrification level of the country is currently of about 33 per cent.

Source: ANGOP

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