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Over two million Angolans practice agriculture

More than two million Angolans are farmers and skilled workers in agriculture, fishing and forestry, according to the statistics data from the 2014 General Population and Housing Census of the National Statistics Institute (INE).

According to the document, over two hundred eighty thousand are skilled workers in the construction industry and crafts, one hundred forty-four thousand are assembly machines operators and installations workers.

The INE statistics data state that the experts population related to intellectual and scientific activities are 294.217, while in the technical area and associate professionals have been registered over hundred ninety thousand personnel.

The final Census data indicate that the Angolan population is estimated at 25 million and 789 inhabitants, of which 13.28 million are women, representing 52 percent and 12.49 million are men equivalent to 48 percent.

The country’s population and housing Census took place from 16 to 31 May 2014.

Source: Angop

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