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Angola: BNA to adapt financial system to international standards

National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) is committed to creating objective and technical conditions to adapt the Angolan financial system to prudential standards and good international financial practices, said Tuesday a source close to the financial institution.

The source stressed that BNA plans to create an effective body of Angolan financial system capable to predict risk and systemic risk contingencies.

It said that the current dynamics underway in Angolan and world financial system requires urgent creation of a body to permanently examine all situations, measures, operations and financial products.

According to the source, the need for creation of the body aims at containing the almost vulnerable financial system, prevent systemic crisis and provide the BNA credibility to other international markets.

BNA presented Tuesday its Adequacy of financial project system to Prudential Standards and Good International Practices to the CEOs of public and private commercial banks.

The ongoing BNA restructuring system aims to make the institution a true monetary, foreign exchange and supervision authority of the banking system of the country.
Source: Angop


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