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Angola with a huge mineralogical potential

The huge mineralogical potential of the Angolan subsoil is only partially known.

The geological and mineralogical survey underway the context of Planageo operation, conducted by the Ministry of Geology and Mining and whose completion is scheduled for 2018, surely will bring more information.

In addition to diamond, Angola is depositary of ferrous metals (iron, manganese, titanium and chromium), non-ferrous metals or base (copper, lead, zinc, tungsten, tin, nickel and cobalt), rare metals (lithium, niobium and tantalum), precious metals (gold, silver and platinum) and also rare earths, used in telecommunications.

The geological survey work is very complex. Not always what is sought is easily found. At the same time, the operation is quite expensive and involves a high risk.

Likewise, it is a very dynamic process. The volume of proved reserves at any given time may change with new studies.

Even without reaching the production, Ferrangol made a huge effort, as from 2006, a work that can be illustrated with 70,000 meters of surveys in the concession of Cassinga.

In the case of Huíla, the results point out to total assets of Cassinga of approximately 1.2 billion tons of iron, while proved reserves are fixed at 512 million tons.

This total included 400 million tons of Cateruca deposit.

It is equally given as proved reserves of 35 million tons, distributed by small deposits, also in Huíla territory.

In the area of Cassala-Quitungo in Cuanza Norte province, the existing resources reach 267 million tons of iron and five million tons of manganese.
Source: Angop

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