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Angola diamond production volume increase slightly in June

Angola’s Ministry of Geology and Mines has released the diamond production statistics for June which show production reached 760,393 carats, with a value of around US$80.5 million, according to a report by Angola Press, published by

This represents a 2.28 percent increase in production and 5.35 percent increase by value compared with the previous month (May 2016), but only a 1.7 percent rise in production year-over-year, and a 13.36 percent drop in value compared with June 2015.

Average per carat for June 2016 was US$105, around 15 percent lower when compared with US$124 average per carat achieved in June 2015.

The Catoca mine production for the period accounted for 82 percent of the country’s total production by volume (carats) and 56 percent of total production by value, according to the news source.

Source: DIB Online


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