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Bank of South Korea funds reconstruction of road in Mozambique

Reconstruction of the road between Nampula and Nametil, over a distance of 72 kilometres, will cost US$75.4 million, the National Roads Administration (ANE) of Mozambique said Friday in Maputo.

Agostinho Notece of the ANE said during a business and investment forum held in the city of Nampula that the project would be financed with a loan from the South Korea Import-Export Bank under an agreement signed in May 2015.

The ANE official said the environmental impact study for the road had already been approved and the contract for the engineering and work supervision project has been signed with a consortium of Korean companies KECC (Korea Engineering Consultants Corp.) /KCI Ltd. /SAMBO Engineering.

The public tender for the works is due to be launched in August, after approval of the documentation by the financing bank, and the contract is expected to be awarded in December, according to Mozambican news agency AIM.

The technical solutions proposed by the consortium stipulate that the road will have a total width ranging from 10 to 20 metres, including shoulders. The project includes six bridges and 49 aqueducts, all of which in reinforced concrete.

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  1. Are we going to support Moz making stupid deals again? People are now suffering in Moz, inflation hits high 50% underreported due to the national debt with Credit Suisse and other lenders. Not sure if our politicians and elected officials understand their numbers and how it can influence negatively the Mozambican people. Not even sure if they counsel each other on Nationals Budget.

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