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Angola exports polished diamonds

Angola exported last June to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) about 4,462 polished diamonds, estimated at 3.98 million US dollars.

Produced by the Angola Polishing Diamonds, the average price of a polished diamond is USD 694,50, reads a note from the Ministry of Geology and Mining.

As regards the production of rough diamonds in that very same month of June, the total amount was 753,151 diamonds, whose sale represents just over USD 75.3 million, at the average price of USD 100 per raw uncut diamond.

ANGOP has learnt that these figures are related to the production of 8 out of the 12 mining fields currently operating in the country.

In comparison to May, the month of June recorded an increase of 2.23% and 0.51% in the produced amount and value of sales, respectively.

Source: Angop

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