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Angola Reserve Bank increases foreign currency sales to over €231 million

National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) sold 231. 1 million Euros to commercial banks from 25-29 July this year.

The information is contained in a BNA press note released Monday.

According to the source, the EUR 231.1 million sales (equivalent to USD 258.2 million) covered various operations, with stress to:

  1. EUR 35.8 million to cover the needs of companies providing services to the oil sector;
  2. EUR 29.3 million for operations aimed at covering foodstuffs;
  3. EUR 17.9 million credit cards operations;
  4. EUR 12.1 million to cover the needs of several companies;
  5. EUR 49.9 million for the Industry Ministry’s needs;
  6. EUR 26.9 million for the Ministry of Agriculture needs;
  7. EUR 6.8 million (Ministry of Fisheries);
  8. EUR 25.4 million (Ministry of Youth and Sports needs);
  9. EUR 490.2 million (Ministry of Interior needs).
  10. EUR 13.4 million (State Subsidiary Bodies operations);
  11. EUR 2.6 million (letters of credit);
  12. EUR 35.8 million (travel and family assistance);

The Central bank sold the USD at a rate of 166.714 kwanzas, while, EUR to 186.268 Kz, according to the source.

Source: Angop


  1. O dólar em Angola nunca chegou, os dólares ja tem nomes e apelhidos quando chegar aquí.. A corrupçao e o crime neste país nunca vao acabar, es mesmo pior que a malaria e o fome que cada día máis acelera e lacera a vida do povo angolano. Es meu ponto de visao.

  2. Such a huge amount in travel assistance that when you go to the bank no cash available is available for travellers. The amount required for travellers and family assistance must be increased to met the demand.

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