Angola Reserve Bank increases foreign currency sales to over €231 million

National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) sold 231. 1 million Euros to commercial banks from 25-29 July this year.

The information is contained in a BNA press note released Monday.

According to the source, the EUR 231.1 million sales (equivalent to USD 258.2 million) covered various operations, with stress to:

  1. EUR 35.8 million to cover the needs of companies providing services to the oil sector;
  2. EUR 29.3 million for operations aimed at covering foodstuffs;
  3. EUR 17.9 million credit cards operations;
  4. EUR 12.1 million to cover the needs of several companies;
  5. EUR 49.9 million for the Industry Ministry’s needs;
  6. EUR 26.9 million for the Ministry of Agriculture needs;
  7. EUR 6.8 million (Ministry of Fisheries);
  8. EUR 25.4 million (Ministry of Youth and Sports needs);
  9. EUR 490.2 million (Ministry of Interior needs).
  10. EUR 13.4 million (State Subsidiary Bodies operations);
  11. EUR 2.6 million (letters of credit);
  12. EUR 35.8 million (travel and family assistance);

The Central bank sold the USD at a rate of 166.714 kwanzas, while, EUR to 186.268 Kz, according to the source.

Source: Angop