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Logistics platforms in Angola seen as physical interface for transports

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The Transport Minister, Augusto da Silva Tomás, said on Saturday in Luau municipality that the national network of logistics platforms is a physical interface between transport and the Angolan logistics.

Speaking at the act of the regional meeting on logistics platform, the official said that they are part of national logistics system, constituting one of the fundamental components of the process of economic growth and social development.

He explained that in addition to interconnect the storage, consolidation and distribution of products at the market, the sector contributes to the creation of added value for the industry, trade and services, while the public sector is responsible for organizing, regulating and providing structuring infrastructures to better leverage, ensure and promote the growth that is intended.

Angola's Transport Minister, Augusto da Silva Tomás
Angola’s Transport Minister, Augusto da Silva Tomás

Augusto da Silva Tomás also stated that the logistics platforms are part of the National Strategic Plan for accessibility, mobility and transport and generalize the countries to assume their task, envisaging their legal order, constitute an essential factor for economic, social and territorial cohesion.

“The logistics platforms also contribute to the correction of regional imbalances beyond the leading role in the field of instruments at the service of the Angolan executive, for the management of high national interests, given its distribution by 18 province of the country, from the coast to the interior and until the borders, according to the vocation of each platform”, he stressed.

The ceremony was attended by the members of the provincial government of Moxico, judicial magistrates and prosecutors, MPs, senior staff of the Ministry of Transport, municipal administrators, religious leaders and traditional authorities.

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