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Mozambique offshore training center receives accreditation

Inamar (Instituto Nacional da Marinha) in Mozambique is making preparations for the intensification of offshore E&P activity off the country’s 2,700-km (1,678-mi) coastline.

This is a public institution with the powers of a maritime authority in areas of maritime jurisdiction, also promoting the establishment and maintenance of maritime safety conditions for performing activities at sea.

Inamar is looking to increase regulated of these activities in compliance with the convection of the International Maritime Organization to prevent accidents and environmental damage, or to mitigate the adverse effects of those that do occur.

To this end, and to promote training and safety of maritime personnel in Mozambique, Inamar, via the Department of the Sea Personnel, has sanctioned accreditation and certification of ROTC Pemba Bay (Regional Offshore Training Center) to run courses on: personal safety and social responsibility; survival techniques at sea; first aid; and familiarization safety.

ROTC Pemba Bay provides specialized and internationally recognized training for professionals working throughout the supply chain in Mozambique. Its stated mission is to provide all necessary safety training required, in compliance with international standard procedures and laws.

Source: Offshore Magazine


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