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Angola geared up to launch large scale cotton production

For the start of the above plants set for this year, the country will import 20,000 tons a year in the first phase.

According to the minister of Agriculture, Afonso Pedro Canga, some private investors are designing their projects to launch the production of the raw material for the textile industry.

“In the first years, we are going to import the raw material, before we start producing slowly, as 20,000 tons a year with the new technology we can produce and need not much to reach this volume of cotton yarn ,” he explained.

SATEC plant production section (Photo: Lino Guimarães)
SATEC plant production section (Photo: Lino Guimarães)

The minister said arrangements are in progress to assist family peasants that will engage in growing cotton, starting from Cuanza Sul province, where an area has been put in place, including technical assistance and water to respond to the needs of the emerging industry.

According to him, lands have been allocated to private investors in the provinces of Malanje and Cuanza Norte, to grow cotton and later in Benguela.

Source: Angop

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