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Tanzania to export graphite to Japan

Kibaran, an Australian listed firm, mines graphite in Ulanga District in Morogoro and announced on Monday the expansion to increase capacity from 40,000 tonnes to 60,000 tonnes per year.

Kibaran decided to start the expansion drive after securing binding agreements covering all of the project’s forecast 40,000tpa production.

The mine will start exporting 14,000 tpa to Japan. Under the agreement, according to the statement, Kibaran will supply battery grade graphite to growing battery markets including Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

“The upgraded mining plan will include a revised pit design, new mining schedule and the planned work programme is expected to be completed during the December 2016 quarter,” the statement read.

One example of graphite use is in the crucibles used in the steel industry.

Ulanga District in Morogoro
Ulanga District in Morogoro

Such refractory applications account for the majority of the usage of graphite. The graphite is also used to make brake linings, lubricants, and molds in foundries and also in pencils and batteries.

These agreements reflect the high quality of Epanko’s graphite and expansion related work programmes now underway include standards for mining and processing, grade control, mineral resource drilling and mine planning.

Also acceleration of environmental and social impact work, feasibility study on downstream processing of Epanko graphite, including the production of battery-grade graphite for sale to the lithium battery industry.

“Drilling has now commenced and is aimed at… increasing the mineral resource to support the upgraded mining rates. “Work is now focused on the relocation and compensation of land occupiers who will be affected by mine development,” the statement said.

A Relocation Action Plan (RAP) is being completed in accordance with IFC Equator Principles as a condition precedent to project finance and mine development.

Source: Daily News

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