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Angola reserve bank sells over 200 million Euros

At least 217.4 million Euros were sold by the Banco Nacional de Angola to commercial banks from August 29-September 02 this year.

According to information posted on BNA website, the above amount corresponds to USD 242.9 million.

The sales were held during auction sessions, having EUR 39.9 million gone to cover the needs of various needs of the banks;

1.9 million Euros went to cover fisheries sector operations and 35.8 million Euros to needs of family, health and education.

On the other hand, BNA sold 32.0 million Euros to cover State Subsidiary Bodies, while 17.9 million Euros went to card credit operations.

OTHER auction sessions covered the following areas:

  • EUR 13.4 million for salaries of expatriates;
  • EUR 10.9 million for food products needs;
  • EUR 40.8 million for companies operations;
  • EUR 7.3 million for commercial banks;
  • EUR 1.3 million to cover the needs of remittance operators;
  • EUR 1.8 million for Ministry of Sports needs;
  • EUR 415,900 went to the Expo-Milan;

The country’s primary exchange market recorded sale reference exchange rate of Euro=Akz 186,269, and Usd=AKz 166,715

Source: Angop

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