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Mozambican president inaugurates Mapai Hospital and Sub-Station

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Friday inaugurated a new hospital and an electricity sub-station in the recently created district of Mapai, in the southern province of Gaza.

The Mapai district hospital was financed by the Mozambican and Belgian governments and cost around 105 million meticais (about 1.4 million US dollars at current exchange rates). It has a 14 bed maternity ward, and other wards contain a further 70 beds. It has a blood bank, and radiology, physiotherapy, paediatrics and X-ray services. There is a morgue adjacent to the hospital.

Before this hospital was built, said Gaza provincial health director Isaias Ramiro, anyone who fell seriously ill in Mapai had to be transported along unreliable dirt roads to the hospital at Chokwe, 200 kilometres away. In the rainy season parts of the road to Chokwe became impassable, making it impossible to transfer the patients.

The new hospital has three doctors (one of whom is a dentist). In addition to Mapai, it will serve Chicualacuala, Chigubo and Massangena districts, parts of Mabalane and Massingir districts, and even people crossing the border from neighbouring Zimbabwe.

The sub-station inaugurated by Nyusi is part of a Gaza electrification project, costing 52.5 million dollars provided mostly by the EximBank of South Korea. This bank provided a credit of 49.08 million dollars, repayable over 40 years (including a grace period of 15 years) at an interest rate of 0.001 per cent a year.

Work on the sub-station included building 245 kilometres of 110kv transmission line from the Lionde sub-station in Chokwe district, 504 kilometres of a distribution network at 33kv voltage, and 36 kilometres of low voltage lines at 0.4 kv. This work allowed new consumers to draw power from the national electricity grid in the towns of Mapai, Machaila, Massangena, Combumune and Dindiza.

Source: AllAfrica

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  1. 100 bed multi speciality hospital in Nampula with dentistry, opthalmic and radiology departments requires local investor. Foreign investment will cater to 75 to 80%of total cost of the project.
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