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Sonangol prepares third railway operating of natural gas

The third consignment of butane gas in the corridor Lobito/Luena by the Benguela Railway (CFB) may take place this month , reports the State-owned Oil Company (Sonangol) in a press release.

The company press release that reached Angop on Wednesday says that the use of the railway corridor will provide cost reduction, increased security, operational efficiency, as well as increasing gas supply in different regions of the country, including the most recondite.

With increasing gas supply in these regions, communities no longer have objective reasons for the felling of trees for the production of firewood and charcoal, which will be a great contribution to the efforts that have been undertaken for the preservation of the environment, explains the document.

The project will also enable Sonangol boost, in partnership with the railway sector of the country entities, related infrastructure.

Focused on operational excellence, continues the note, the new Sonangol reaffirms intention to continue to carry out its project in strict compliance with international standards and technical requirements set by the Angolan Executive Decree No. 190/08 (Regulation on Fuel Gas Transportation via train).

Source: Angop


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