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Sasol completes first-ever onshore 3D seismic campaign in Mozambique

Sasol recently announced the completion of the first-ever 3D onshore seismic program in Mozambique. This involved the acquisition of 115 km2 of data in Inhassoro field, which is part of the onshore Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) licence area.

To be developed in phases, the first phase of the PSA licence area development proposes an integrated oil, LPG and gas project’>project adjacent to Sasol’s existing Petroleum Production Agreement (PPA) area. Sasol has made significant progress on Tranche 1 of the PSA Development as approved by the Council of Ministers on Jan. 26, 2016.

Senior V.P. for Sasol E&P International, John Sichinga, highlighted that “the acquisition of the 3D seismic data in the Inhassoro field will significantly enhance our understanding of the structure of the oil accumulations through better resolution and more defined characterization of the reservoir. While initial results appear encouraging, it is still too early to give further detail.”

John Sichinga, senior vice president of Sasol Exploration and Production International
John Sichinga, senior vice president of Sasol Exploration and Production International

Geofizyka Torun of Poland was contracted by Sasol to acquire 2D/3D seismic data using Vibroseis trucks. These send an acoustic wave into the ground and when the wave is reflected at boundaries between rock layers, an image of the subsurface is generated. The principles are similar to ultrasound technology used in the medical field. Future well locations can be optimized based on the generated images.

Sasol has previously conducted 3D seismic surveys offshore Mozambique – 1,836 km2 and 2,100 km2 in the M10/ Sofala and Blocks 16/19 respectively – but this is the first time a 3D seismic campaign has been conducted onshore.

The seismic acquisition program now moves to Pande field within the PPA licence area, where 42 km2 of 3D seismic data will be acquired.

Sichinga further provided an update on the PSA drilling campaign, saying that the drilling of the first two wells have been completed.

Source: World Oil


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