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National Bank of Angola: Foreign currency sales increase

National Reserve Bank of Angola (BNA) sales to commercial banks increased to 277.4 million Euros over the last week, compared to 213.2 million Euros in the previous period.

The Central bank sold the Euros at a rate of 186.276 kwanzas to one Euro in the transaction, according to the source.

This is expressed in information posted on BNA website, stressing that the above amount corresponds to USD 309.9 million.

The auction sessions covered the following areas:

  • EUR 92.0 million covered operation of oil sector;
  • EUR 84.7 million for industry sector
  • EUR 17.9 million for credit card;
  • EUR 17.9 million for trips, family assistance, health and education;
  • EUR 13.4 million covered operations of the airlines;
  • EUR 11.5 million credit card;
  • EUR 11.5 million for transport sector;
  • EUR 9.9 million for fisheries;
  • EUR 9.3 million several companies;
  • EUR 3.1 million agriculture sector;
  • EUR 2.7 million for Ministries and State-run institutions;
  • EUR 2.2 million covered needs of remittance operators;
  • EUR 1.3 million covered operations of bureaus of exchange;

Source: Angop

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