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Mozambique not running out of fuel insists energy official

A senior official in the Mozambican Ministry of Mineral Resources and Energy has denied rumours that the country is running out of fuel, Mozambique News Agency reported.

Speaking to reporters on Monday, the National Director of Hydrocarbons and Fuel, Moises Paulino, said there is plenty of fuel in the reserves in the country’s three main ports, and resupplying is continuing to occur normally.

“In the Maputo oceanic terminal, we have a reserve margin of 20 to 25 days until the next resupply ships arrive. In Beira, there are reserves for 15 to 20 days, and in Nacala the quantities available are enough for the same period,” He said.

He also denied the social media rumour that there are tankers anchored in the ports which are not unloading their cargoes because the Mozambican state fuel company, Petromoc, is unable to give guarantees of payment.

Paulino pointed out that the fuel distribution network in Mozambique is owned by several companies and not just Petromoc. He insisted that there is no interruption in supply.

Paulino said that the total imports of liquid fuels are at 1.2 million cubic metres a year, an amount which has been increasing as the number of vehicles on Mozambican roads increases.


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