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Angola may share experience in mining sector with Zimbabwe

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Angola’s experience on identifying mineral resources, such as the National Geology Plan (Planageo), can be shared with Zimbabwe, said Thursday the minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Queiroz.

“Angola is in a position to share its experience with Zimbabwe,” noted the minister at the end of the meeting with his Zimbabwean counterpart in Luanda, Walter Chidhakwa.

According to him, Angola/Zimbabwe experience is in progress and yielding results, especially on the Government strategy for the exploitation of natural resources with direct benefits to the economy, described as difficulty area for the African countries.

He said that the meeting between the two delegations agreed that Zimbabwe will send technicians to Angola to learn of the experience on “Planagio” and acquire knowledge that may be useful in Zimbabwe.

The official said that Angola has been making investments in other countries in the mining sector (Guinea Bissau, Central African Republic (CAR) and Guinea Conacry).

The minister added that this is an initiative that Angola wants to share with the bordering countries, as there is a geological continuity between Angola and the bordering countries.

In turn, Zimbabwean Mining minister, Walter Chidhakwa, stressed that the meeting discussed issues related to the agreement signed between the two countries, the production of diamonds, the exploration and mapping and training of experts in the area of diamond assessment.

Zimbabwe has gold and oil that contribute to the country’s development.

Source: Angop


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