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Angola to launch securities central Tuesday

Angola is preparing to launch on Tuesday (15) the central securities office of the country, an organic unit of the Debt and Securities Exchange of Angola (Bodiva) that will be responsible for the custody, clearing and settlement of securities traded on regulated markets.

The opening of the Stock Market takes place after the migration of the Treasury Securities, so far traded in the Registration Market, from the Sigma platform of the National Reserve Bank of Angola, to the new custody platform of Bodiva, according to a statement from the Finance Ministry.

The Treasury Stock Exchange Market makes it possible to buy and sell transactions in real time and with full visibility of prices and quantities.

Bodiva expects that the new trading and post-trading platform will provide greater depth and liquidity to the public debt securities segment, which has been in operation since May 2015.

Between January and October this year, transactions in the global Treasury Securities market totaled about 260 billion Kwanzas (about US $ 1.57 billion).

Source: Angop

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