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UK to Increase Investments in Mozambique’s Natural Resources

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The United Kingdom has begun exploration of business opportunities in Mozambique with the intention to further boost commercialization of viable sectors.

United Kingdom’s Trade Envoy Richard Benyon paid a three-day visit to Mozambique in September with an agenda centred on boosting trade relations between the UK and Mozambique.

The visit was to create space for UK businesses to strengthen their knowledge of the growing commercial opportunities in the Southern Africa country.

United Kingdom’s Trade Envoy Richard Benyon
United Kingdom’s Trade Envoy Richard Benyon

During the visit, Mr Benyon met the Mozambican Prime Minister Agostinho do Rosário and discussed bilateral links and potential for future better interactions, with the UK lending its expertise in a number of sectors.

The meetings with representatives of the import and export sectors, local oil and gas operators and regulators focused on existing and new business opportunities for the growing number of UK companies operating in Mozambique’s market.

He also made field visits to some of UK investment projects in Mozambique, with particular focus on Aggreko, in Maputo province, which uses natural gas to generate electricity.

The main objective of these engagements was to build the basis for greater commercial links between the UK and Mozambique, especially in booming sectors of the economy such as natural resources, supply chain, and energy.

There was also a moment for exchange of views on Mozambique’s business environment during a meeting with representatives of the companies’ members of the British Businesses Network in the country.

Source: Footprint to Africa


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