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Angolan Central Bank sells over EUR 100 million in four days

Some 106.8 million euros is the amount of foreign currency sold by the Angolan Central Bank (BNA) in the internal market, in the period that goes from 14 to 18 November, this year.

This information was released last Monday by the BNA in its website.

Check below more information on the transactions related to the mentioned period:

1. Exchange Market

In the mentioned period, the BNA sold 106.8 million euros for the following main operations:

EUR 36.5 million to cover various operations
EUR 29.3 million to cover operations of various firms
EUR 20.2 million to cover travel operations, family assistance, health and education
EUR 17.9 million to cover credit card operations
EUR 2.5 million to cover credit letters
EUR 252.1 million to cover operations by governmental departments and other state organs

The average exchange rate of reference for the US dollar until last weekend, in the primary market, was of USD 166,7 for 1 Angolan Kwanza (USD=Kz 166,724), whereas for the Euro it stood at 186,2 kwanzas (EUR 1= Kz 186,278).

2. Fiscal Operations

For the daily management of the National Treasury, the BNA placed in the primary market Treasury Bonds amounted AKZ 85 billion.

3. Monetary Operations

In the same period the BNA carried out open market operations amounted at 8.1 billion Kwanzas with maturities of 28 and 63 days.

Source: Angop

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