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Phosphate exploitation in Cabinda, Angola starts in 2019

Exploitation of phosphate in the central zone of northern Cabinda province , in Cácata town , in the commune of Tando Zinze, starts in 2019, said the minister of Geology and Mining, Francisco Queiroz.

The government official visited the province on Monday to assess the implementation of the phosphate exploration project in the town of Cácata, Tando-Zinze commune, as well as other miners, such as gold.

During the meeting held with provincial governor Aldina Catembo and businessmen of the mining sector in the province, Francisco Queiroz said that he came to Cabinda to make an exhaustive assessment of the progress made in complying with the Government’s strategy for the Geology and Mines sector.

Francisco Queiroz, the Angolan minister of Geology and Mining
Francisco Queiroz, the Angolan minister of Geology and Mining

Francisco Queiroz visited the works of Caio-Litoral Deep Water Port, underlining that this is an important structure for the success of the phosphate exploration project, since this province’s economic infrastructure will meet the needs of the company which will produce phosphate, in the sense of being able to export.

The Official also learned about industrial and artisanal projects. He assured that the Ministry will work closely with the provincial government in order to keep a constant follow-up of the projects so that they start quickly for the benefit of the province economy.

Source: Angop


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