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Culture Minister Invites Foreigners to Invest in Angola

The Culture Minister, Carolina Cerqueira, invited on Wednesday in the Kingdom of Morocco, foreigners to invest in the re-launch of Angola, a country of the future of great opportunities and prospects for economic, cultural and social development.

Speaking at a conference on the engagement of the private sector in the preservation of the African heritage in Marrakech, Carolina Cerqueira said that in this area the Angolan government, led by President Jose Eduardo dos Santos, opted for a participatory strategy involving several sectors, civil society, businessmen, churches and communities, with the aim at guaranteeing the conservation and preservation of the national heritage and the shared responsibility of all.

Carolina Cerqueira announced that efforts are being made to consolidate the involvement of private partners in the management and maintenance of historic sites and monuments, which has led to the establishment of protocols of cooperation with other governmental institutions and the private sector.

The minister argued, on the other hand, that the culture development binomial can be a source of economic diversification, increase the income of families in rural areas, as a way to combat poverty, through the professionalization of handicrafts and other cultural industries, as well as opportunity for the most vulnerable young people and women.

Angola Culture Minister, Carolina Cerqueira
Angola Culture Minister, Carolina Cerqueira

The minister announced that the management, conservation and preservation of heritage is in the priorities of the national development programme, since it can channel the training and the technology development, create employment in various areas of specialization and preserve the national collective memory.

She also identified some national projects such as the MBanza Kongo, the Kwanza Corridor, the Tchitundu Hulu archaeological site in Namibe and the Monument of the heroes of Cuando Cubango as historical cultural references of national pride that are part of the collective memory of the Angolan people.

The conference, which is being held to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the African World Heritage Fund, is being sponsored by Mohamed VI, King of Morocco, and brings together African Ministers of Culture, Ambassadors, Unesco experts and representatives of the private sector.

Angola is participating at the event with a delegation led by Minister Carolina Cerqueira and includes senior staff of the sector and the Angolan Ambassadors to the Kingdom of Morocco and Unesco.

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