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Angola imported over 22,000 tons of mackerel

Angola has imported this year 22,561 tons of mackerel, which corresponds to 25 percent of the 90,000 tons planned for import.

The information is contained in the final communique from the 2nd Consultative Council of the Ministry of Fisheries held on December 5 in Luanda.

According to the source, in the period in respect, there was a drop in the amount of mackerel imported, due to a shortage of foreign currency.

On the other hand, the participants recommended the continuation of imports of mackerel as an alternative to the management measures adopted for the product.

The source added that the sector will conduct a study to establish the advantages and disadvantages of the decision on exemption or not and outline strategies for mackerel distribution quotas.

As to exports of the sector, the source mentioned the markets of DRC and Namibia that receive Angolan sardine and fish oil respectively.

Spain is the European Union country that gets Angolan crustaceans, while Chile and Peru import fish oil and flour. In  Asia, fish oil and corvina go to South Korea, while Saudi Arabia gets fish oil.

The main species of fish exported are swordfish with over 4,000 tons, sardine (over 13 tons) and corvina (840 tons).

Source: Angop


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