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Commercial exchange volume between Angola and China lowers in 2016

The volume of the commercial exchange between Angola and China in the year 2016, from January to October, reached the amount of USD12.7 million dollars, representing a reduction of 25.4 per cent in comparison to the previous year.

Official data made public by Chinese officials at the Macau Forum, to which ANGOP has had access, in the same period of the year 2016 Angola bought from the Chinese market goods amounted at 1.4 million US dollars, representing 55.5% less than in 2015.

Still this year, Angola exported to China goods amounted at about 11.3 million dollars (-18,46%).

Still according to the same source, the trade between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries, in the first ten months of the year 2016, reached the amount of USD 75.4 million, which represents a 10.3% downfall.

The same report also states that among the Portuguese-speaking countries Brazil is China’s main trading partner, followed by Angola and Portugal.

Source: Angop


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