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Zim exports $3,7 million tobacco in first week of 2017

Zimbabwe has exported flue-cured tobacco to the value of $3, 7 million during the first week of 2017, latest figures from the Tobacco Industry Marketing Board (TIMB) show.

Eight countries, namely Indonesia, Greece, Korea, Mozambique, Spain, China, Vietnam and Germany have so far purchased a total of 825 808 kilogrammes of locally produced tobacco.

The figures in terms of both mass and value do not compare favourably to last year’s performance (similar period) when the country exported 3, 3 million kgs worth $25 million.

In terms of top buyers this year, Greece tops after purchasing 329 000 kgs of tobacco valued at $1, 4 million, followed by Korea which bought 198 000 kgs to the tune of $859 320.

Vietnam is in third having also bought 198 000 kgs of tobacco to the tune of $782 100.

Germany and Indonesia have purchased 39 600 kgs and 38 808 kgs of Zimbabwean tobacco to worth $159 588 and $244 490, respectively.

The average selling price currently stands at $4, 49 per kg.

The country exported 164, 5 million kgs of tobacco valued at $933, 9 million throughout 2016.

Source: Chronicle


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