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Press Release: ROTC choosed by Emodraga to train their Maritime Staff in Mozambique

EMODRAGA – Empresa Moçambicana de Dragagens E.P. has recently formed some of its maritime people so that they are trained according to the standards and requirements of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and STCW Convention (Convention – Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers).

Recognizing the importance of professional training, not only in the valuation of human capital, but also to create conditions that allow a safe maritime activity, EMODRAGA, E.P. found in the Mozambican training company ROTC, Lda., legally accredited by INAMAR in Mozambique, the ideal partner capable to ensure the responsibility of training EMODRAGA’s seafarers. The company is committed to ensure and effectively implement the internationally requirements for seafarers as a major impact on safeguarding human’s life and the environment.

“Training of staff is fundamental and a priority in a constantly evolving industry, and EMODRAGA’s services and activities must follow this dynamic. EMODRAGA is committed to ensure that its employees receive continuous and specialized training, due (not only) to the complexity of the work they perform and the equipment they operate, as well as the risks and stress to which they are subjected in their day-by-day activity”, explains Simões Tomás Francisco, Executive Director of EMODRAGA, E.P. and responsible for Production / Operations.

ROTC is a joint venture of companies: Portbiq, Lda., Workships Contractors BV, Moçambique Soluções e Equipamentos, Lda. and STC-Group Holding BV, which is proud to be one of the largest institutions in the world in the areas of education, Training, technical assistance and research, with offices and centres of excellence around the world. Certification and accreditation of the ROTC is in accordance with national and international law and guarantees IMO’s requirements and the standards of the Convention STCW (Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers).

“It is essential that the standards required by the STCW Convention on ensuring the professional competencies of seafarers are followed by companies in Mozambique to ensure the safety and protection of human’s life at sea, environmental damage and the mitigation of the negative effects. ROTC’s mission is to promote the training of excellence, contributing for the implementation of good practices and ensuring that IMO (International Maritime Organization) recommendations are complied with”, says Célia André, General Manager -ROTC.


Public Mozambican Dredging Company – EMODRAGA, E.P., constituted by Decree nº 38/94, of September 13th, with headquarters in the city of Beira. Besides its main activity (maintenance dredging in the main ports of Mozambique), EMODRAGA develops several activities, to highlight: support in the disassembly and assembly of defenses; Operations of removal of foreign objects at berths; among others. EMODRAGA E.P. is responsible for the access channels to ports, maneuvering basins and berths of all Mozambican ports.

About ROTC, Lda. (Regional Offshore Training Centre)

It is a Mozambican specialized training company internationally recognized focus on training all professionals working throughout the supply chain in Mozambique. ROTC with headquarters in the city of Beira has also a training centre in the city of Pemba. ROTC’s mission is to provide all necessary safety training required for personnel working in the Maritime, On-Offshore, Transports, Logistics, Mining, Industrial Safety, Processes and Energy, in compliance with national and international standards and legislations.

More information:
ROTC , Lda.
Célia André – General Manager

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