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Angola has gained cosmetics factory

A cosmetics factory, “ABC Cosméticos”, with a budget of USD 10 million and with capacity to produce 8.840 tons per a year of five different products, was inaugurated on Friday in Luanda by the Industry Minister, Bernarda Martins.

The factory, located in Viana municipality, Kikuxi Zone, will produce body cream, skin lotion, shower gel, powder talc and coryza balm, brands Rox, Boa Familia and VDGLY.

The investment allowed the creation of 300 direct jobs for national citizens residing around the factory and 20 for expatriates.

Regarding production, Damião Baptista, manager of ABC Cosmetics, told Angop that the raw material will be imported from India, France and Indonesia, but the packaging will be produced locally.

According to the official, the supply of the raw material, such as vegetable or animal oil, is guaranteed uninterrupted until the end of the year and there is, for now, no possibility of being produced locally by a set of constraining factors.

However, he believes that in the long run the company will become self-sustainable due to some projects that are in the pipeline.

In the pipeline, Damião Baptista added that it is planned to create a cardboard boxes production plant, which is dependent on the concession of space and the acquisition of foreign currency for its implementation.

The industry was established in a gross area of ??17.500 square meters and 10.000 square meters of occupied area.

ABC Cosmetics, an acronym for “Active Beauty Cosmetics”, is a company that integrates the group of companies AngoMart, Sabs, Alimenta Angola, Noble Group, Our House, Unique Beverage, Sanz Motor and PriceFarma.

Source: Angop

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