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Angola achieved great economic growth with high oil prices

After the achievement of peace in 2002, Angola reached high economic growth thanks to the high oil price recorded in the International Markets, said on Sunday in Paris, Angola’s ambassador-at-large, António Luvualu de Carvalho.

The Angolan diplomat said so when addressing a lecture at Paris III Sorbonne Nouvelle University, under the topic the “Future prospect of Angola”.

According to the ambassador, the Angolan economy currently records a slowdown in its economic growth fruit of the present international context.

He also said the world crisis has boosted the Angolan government to strongly invest in the diversification of the economy.

From the social point of view, Luvualu de Carvalho highlighted the achievements in the construction of several schools and universities that allowed thousands of Angolans to have access to education.

With regard to health, he reported that a number of hospitals and health centers have improved access to health in all provinces.

Source: allAfrica

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