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Angola: Private role in public investment alleviates state spending

The contribution and participation of the private sector in the implementation of the Public Investment Programme (PIP) could reduce and alleviate state spending, given the amount of financial resources that the government has spent to build infrastructures in the country.

The statement was made this Wednesday in Luanda by the academician Alcino da Conceição, during the launch of his book entitled “Angola in the Global Financial Context”, aimed for students, with particular emphasis on economic researchers.

According to the author, the book aims to reflect on knowledge about the functioning of the Capital Market, financial globalization and the development of the stock exchange in Angola, as well as contextualize the financial situation of Angola in the world.

The reflection is based on the assumption that, in the absence of adequate regulatory, supervisory and prudential rules, financial markets necessarily cause imbalances, according to university lecturers.

According to him, financial markets must be regulated by the public authority in order to avoid systemic malfunctions and avoid access to privileged information, which are the source of imperfections and mismatches of any financial market.

The book, which consists of 80 pages, is structured in two parts, composed of two chapters that deal with the history of the country’s financial situation from 1994 to the present economic context.

Source: Angop

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