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Angolan Central Bank increases sale of foreign exchange

The National Reserve Bank (BNA) placed in the market from 17 to 21 April foreign exchange in the value of EUR 142.4 million (USD 159.1 million), aimed at covering several market operations.

According to data compiled by ANGOP on the Exchange and Monetary Market of the Central Bank, this value represents an increase of 45.7 million Euros in relation to the previous week, the period in which the BNA made available foreign exchange amounted at EUR 96.7 million.

ANGOP has learnt that at least EUR 17.9 million were made available for the coverage of operations in the crude-oil sector, EUR 14.9 million went to the coverage of operations by ministerial departments and state organs,  EUR 13.5 million for exchange operations coverage, EUR 13.4 million for travel, family assistance and education operations, EUR 13.4 million for the coverage of international credit cards.

To cover the productive sector, the BNA sold EUR 8.0 million, while EUR 6.3 million went to exchange bureaus, EUR 6.3 million to cover forwarders’ operations, and EUR 89.5 million for the hotels and tourism sector.

The average exchange rate of reference for the US dollar at the primary exchange market, as verified over the last weekend, was of  01 USD being equivalent to 166.7 kwanzas (USD 01 = AKz 166,738) and EUR 01= AKz 186,292.

Source: Angop

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