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Angola: Government works to expand electricity

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The Angolan government is working to expand the population’s access to electricity, bringing energy networks to the interior of the country, interconnected systems, and promoting well-being in all regions of the country, said Tuesday in Luanda the minister of Energy and Waters, João Baptista Borges.

According to the official, the Angolan State’s main goal at this moment is to arrive in 2017 with an energy balance of 5,000 Megawatts, this is being done based on the conclusion of the ongoing projects, such as Lauca Dam and Soyo Combined Cycle.

João Baptista Borges, who was lecturing on “structuring projects of the Angolan electricity sector, challenges, benefits and support in the diversification of the economy,” in a promotion of the Union of Students of Higher Education, stressed that there are a number of programs of development of this sector that plans the expansion of population access to electricity.

“Another great goal is to reach 2025 with a doubling of the population rate with electricity, that is, 60 percent of the population, more than 14 million inhabitants should have electricity based on these projects and structures that are being built,” he said. .

In relation to the tests of the first turbine of the hydroelectric dam of Lauca, after reaching the quota of 800 meters in height, the official said that the tests begin in the next days.

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