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Angola ruling party predicts rise of 15 million tonne of tubers

The ruling MPLA party has announced an increase in production of roots and tubers (potatoes, cassava) from 11 to 15 million tonnes if it wins the 23 August elections.

This was announced Wednesday by the secretary of party’s Politburo for Economic and Social Policy, Manuel Nunes Júnior.

Manuel Nunes Júnior was speaking at a ceremony chaired by the MPLA candidate for President of Republic, João Lourenço, stressing that the pledge is part of the party’s  governance programme for 2017-2022.

The official said that MPLA also wants to develop agricultural production in the field of livestock and forestry.

MPLA also intends to promote large scale farms with high-tech partners to increase domestic production.

Tubers are enlarged structures in some plant species used as storage organs for nutrients, such as Potatoes and Cassava

The programme also includes construction of animal slaughterhouses at the country’s strategic points to cover about 30 percent of domestic needs in poultry.

The implementation of this programme, said Manuel Nunes Júnior, will allow the coverage of at least 60 percent of domestic needs in beef, goat, sheep and pork and 80 percent of needs in eggs.

In order to ensure success in the programme, the official spoke of the need to make partnership with high-tech countries in the field.

The secretary of the Political Bureau for Economic and Social Policy spoke of the need to implement some agronomic programmes, seeking partnerships with countries with know how and technologies.

As example, he quoted Kenya which became one of the world’s largest flowers producers as the result of a partnership.

The MPLA’s programme and manifesto is cross-cutting to all sectors of the country’s life, including energy and water, transport, fishing, extractive industry and fight against hunger and poverty.

Source: Angop

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