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Angola: Casinos gambling income get taxed by special law

Commercial establishments whose activities include the exploration of gamble rooms are now being taxed by a special taxation law (Law Number 5/16) published on 16 May, 2016.

This special law taxes the gross income of the activities of gamble rooms every three months.

According to a joint communiqué signed by the C.E.O of the General Tax Administration (AGT), Silvio Franco Burity, and the director of the Gambling Activities Supervision Institute, Fernando Jorge  Hermes, the said commercial establishments must provide on a monthly basis, per each gamble room, the accounting information and required documentation to the tax department.

Some of the required information and documentation are the monthly income of the gamble room, invoices of the payments to winners and tickets of admission to the gamble room, among others.

Meanwhile, all other incomes, different from those which result from the gambling activity, generated in those establishments are taxed under the precepts outlined in the General Taxation Code, that is, through the Company Tax system.

The Gambling Activities Supervision Institute is the Angolan state’s institution that licenses commercial establishments intending to focus on games of chance.

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