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Angola diamonds production might reach 13.8 million carats per year

The production of diamonds in Angola might increase from 9 million carats to 13.8 million carats per year, in the 2017-2022 period, in the framework of the process of modernising the extractive industry, as outlined in the ruling MPLA party’s Governance programme for the next five years.

The 2017-2022 Governance Programme of the MPLA was presented last Wednesday, in Luanda, by the party’s Politburo secretary for economic and social matters, Manuel Nunes Junior.

According to the said programme, the MPLA guarantees the adoption of policies intended to boost the production of gravel from 59.8 cubic metres to 104.6 cubic metres a year.

The programme also mentions the start of the production of pig iron in the amount of 420,000 tons a year.

The MPLA states in its programme that it intends to make the diamonds sub-sector become more efficient and give a more significant contribution to the country’s tax revenues.

In view of such aim, the MPLA will focus on appropriate partnerships, so that certain governmental projects can get the needed boost and others can be more speedily implemented.

The ruling party has also drafted a Strategic Plan for the Mining Sector, which stretches its scope until the year 2063.

Source: Angop

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