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Angola: Poultry farmers need 400.000 tons of corn and soybeans

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At least 400,000d tons of corn and soybeans are needed annually in the country to produce poultry feed said Monday in Central Huambo province the Angolan National Association of Poultry Producers consultant (ANAVI), Cezar Rizzi.

The official, who was speaking at the end of a meeting with farmers in the municipality of Caála, assumed that the increase in the daily production of eggs and chicken in the country depends on the increase in feed production.

Without disclosing figures, he said that the current production of corn and soybeans, indispensable for feed, does not satisfy the growing demand of the poultry sector, which still has to go abroad.

As a consequence, Cezar Rizzi said, chicken farmers cannot meet market needs, either in terms of eggs or chicken.

Source: Angop



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