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Angola: BNA’s foreign values sale drops 19%

The Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA) sold last week (22-26 May) foreign values worth EUR 144.8 million (Usd 161.8 million) to cover various operations with stress to credits involving Eur. 48.1 million.

With this sale that points to a 19 percent drop as compared with the previous week (Eur. 178 million ), BNA set aside Eur. 17.9 million to cover salaries of expatriates and another 17.9 million for the oil sector.

Eur. 16.1 million went to cover needs in various sectors, while Eur. 13.6 million were directed to the industry, Eur. 9.0 million to credit cards operations and Eur. 9,0 million to  trips, family aid, health and education.

Of the whole amount, Eur. 8.9 million went to cover operations in the sectors of Health, Eur.  2.2 million for bureaus of exchange and Eur. 2.2 million for remittances.

The average exchange reference rate for sales on the primary foreign exchange market calculated at weekend was  USD=AKZ 166,741 and EUR=AKZ 186,295.

Source: Angop


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