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Angola foreign currency sale drops

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The amount in foreign currency sold by the Banco Nacional de Angola (BNA) in the last seven days to cover various operations fell from €376.7 million to €143.7 million (US$ 160.5 million), Angop learned.

Of the amount above, €53.7 million went to cover productive sector spending and €25.6 million were released for various other sectors.

  • €12.4 million went to cover operations in State’s ministries and organs, while Credit Letters took €12.2 million to meet the productive sector and foodstuffs imports. €9.2 million have gone for operations in the health sector.
  • Trips, family aid, education and health received €9.1 million while Credit Card spending absorbed €8.9 million and Bureaus of Exchange gripped €4.5 million.
  • Remittances operations absorbed €4.5 million, whereas €3.6 million went to cover operations in the power and water sector.

The average reference exchange rate for the American currency at weekend stood at US$=Akz 166,742.

The average reference exchange rate for the European currency at weekend was €=Akz 186,296.

Source: Angop


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  1. That’s the portrait of a country whereas the wealth distribution is restricted only for few ones: the king’s friends.
    Poor Angola. Rich country, poor people.

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